Dementia Care Coordinator

Person-Centered Care For The Spirit of Living
Behind every resident lies a spirited passion for something. At Willowbend, our caregivers nurture that passion by fostering a trusted relationship through person-centered care.
Our Dementia Care Training and Services Coordinator equips caregivers at Willowbend with expert knowledge and training, so they can skillfully get to the heart of the matter, while making a positive impact in the lives of our residents.


Dementia Care Training and Services Coordinator, Sharon Young, has a Bachelor of Science in counseling and psychology, a master’s in practical theology, plus more than 46 years of experience as a nurse (LPN) and director of Alzheimer’s and Psychiatric units. This expert level of experience and training equips our caregivers with the knowledge and tools needed to establish heart to heart connections through personalized care.


When seniors transition from their home to a community home, the loss of independence and being out of their comfort zone can be tough for some. To make the transition easier, the Willowbend philosophy encourages choice, purpose, and meaning in residents’ lives – helping them to feel valued. Our passionate caregivers dedicate themselves to building a trusted rapport with residents though encouragement, praise, conversation, and by getting to know each person – their personality, children, careers, likes, and dislikes.

We focus on building upon the strengths and abilities residents have and encourage them to be as independent as possible. No matter the level of cognition or physical ability, we provide engaging activities that stimulate an active lifestyle and mind. This independent way of life combined with our progressive care program, helps residents be the best version of themselves.