Fulfill A Wish

Granting New Experiences & Exciting Adventures
Whether it’s to see your favorite local band live in concert or enjoy some deep sea fishing over a cold beer, when our residents wish upon a star, we grant them their wish. No genie needed.
One of the most distinguishing features of life at Willowbend continues to be the engaging, not-so-run-of-the-mill activities that we offer residents. And this is especially true when it comes to our signature Fulfill A Wish program, which encourages independence and personal growth through new experiences. Whether the wish is to cruise down the Mississippi River on the second-largest paddlewheel-driven steamboat ever built or to listen to a live country music band on Beale Street in Memphis, we will find a way.

When it comes to granting wishes, no request is too big or too small, within reason of course. From a simple upgrade or amenity, to a golf game out on the course, residents get to experience it all. Our team at Willowbend does their best to accommodate every wish, especially if it’s an experience a resident hasn’t had yet.

And since we’re located near many beautiful local lakes and bodies of water, it’s no surprise that fishing excursions often make the cut. Whether fishing for Striped Bass or Trout, there’s no greater therapy than the sound of water and a reel … that is until the fresh catch of the day is brought home to be cooked for dinner.


By fulfilling wishes, we’re creating unique experiences that our residents can share with family and friends during visits, and vivid memories to uplift the spirits.