Social Living

While traditional nursing home activities have a place in long-term care, the residents choosing to reside at Willowbend at Marion have demanded that they want more stimulating and adventurous pursuits that complement the lifestyles of their previous schedules and interests. That’s one reason Willowbend at Marion has invested in bringing experiences and new learning opportunities into our home… activities that surpass what is expected in long-term care.

From cooking classes and gardening to live music performances and overnight fishing and camping excursions, our specially designed and Senior-approved activities reflect the personal preferences and unique cultures and interests of our residents. When activities are designed to align more closely with a specific population, studies bear out that individuals are more likely to participate, socialize more, have less depression, less weight loss/wounds, and live a higher quality of life.

Remaining productive, exercising your brain, and laughing with friends over a game of cards and a hot cup of tea… it just doesn’t get any better than this!